Thursday, May 10, 2012

Abandonment and Acceptance

It is a mixed blessing (or curse) to have parents who abandon their children;
Those who accept that they are not competent may actually be doing a service.
At least jealousy doesn't prohibit their progeny from seeking parental guidance,
And motherhood is not defined by those who have opened a cervix.

We have created many opportunities for procreation and parenting
In our generations that have succeeded in creating life in test tubes,
But we have also created many questions about who creates new life;
This has lead to conclusions that fuel many pro-life, pro-choice feuds.

Many people have suffered the consequences of neglect
By those of us born to parents who continued to procreate,
And continued to deny their limitations and boundaries
Because they were taught that contraception would doom their fate.

Isn't it so much better to be destroyed before exiting the womb
And sent back to the arms of the Universal Energy of Life,
Than to be set on a continued  course of self-loathing and anger
That results in the propagation of the earliest recorded strife?

From the biblical story of Adam and Eve, their seed
Has been cursed by their story of jealousy and greed.
Is it possible that abortion is something God allows
So that we will only have the children we want to breed?

We want it both ways; it is sacred to create
The babies that are wanted, even though we generate
The zygotes that get destroyed or frozen for eternity
Without anyone having to commit to life's mates.

We have become society that acts as gods;
Denying there is a reason for the eternal plan:
That not one of us is able to create a baby alone.
A baby takes the seed of a woman and a man.

We all need energy from both our yin and our yang;
We exist on the cosmic and concrete levels.
How we become the most balanced we can be
Depends on the forces in which our spirit revels.

There are many I know who have conceived
In their need to be needed and loved by others.
Their casual sexual union resulted in animal life;
But becoming pregnant didn't make them mothers.

At the time of conception we have human potential;
Becoming higher than other animals takes responsibility
Parents who are led by only their animal instincts
Can't nurture that which makes us human, the spark of Divinity.

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  1. You open a very complex set of emotions and feelings with this one!