Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tempted or Exempted?

It is common and easy for any of us to see
Sin in temptations from which we are free.
This may be why Jesus was said to intone,
"Let those without sin, cast the first stone."
I may never have been tempted to kill another,
But I have disallowed some as sister or brother
Perhaps I'm  less prone to murderous temptation
Than those who kill parts of human creation.

If I have no weakness for recreational sex,
Does this make me better than those who expect
Immediate sexual gratification whenever tempted?
Or am I simply, from this weakness, exempted?
Jesus didn't limit his words to the sin of the persecuted;
He simply implied, from sin, nobody is excluded.
I am grateful I have loved ones who are strong
In areas where I seem prone to do wrong.

Is this coupling to be considered co-dependency,
Or a way for me, from my temptation, to break free?
I believe we must bond to others for balance;
This seems the human condition's only chance.

Rather than looking for others to castigate,
Our lack of their temptations we should celebrate.
Or do I find grievous fault with what I see
Because I wish the sin was being committed by me?

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  1. We would do well to remember the mote and beam in the eyes of each.