Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Authority, Anger, and Awakening, Part 2

She is so used to appearing tough,
But I know her heart is now breaking.
I hope I'm not making her life harder
As her emotions are reawakening.

There is a saying in the Orient, I'm told,
That if you interfere and save a life,
It is your sacred duty to this person
To share in their continued strife.

How much is our responsibility
To those whose hearts we have entered?
Could it be that we harm them;
That our concern is actually self-centered?

Like a mother hen, with her chicks,
It seems my duty, at least, to try
To watch over them as they venture forth,
And they learn to emotionally fly.

This seems to always lead to loss for me,
As the natural order of this earth,
Is to be finally rejected by those
To whom our love has given new birth.

I seem to be a constant reminder of the pain
That they have already lived through,
When none of us were yet strong enough,
And there was nothing any of us could do.

It didn't work for me to feel The Spirit
Without the caring touch of another,
The strength that many people receive
From the loving touch of father and mother.

It is difficult to feel protected and loved
By an angry, jealous, or frightened parent.
Abuse when young makes one wonder
Why, to this earth, we have been sent.

This may be the reason many are afraid
To love the Biblical God The Father.
They feel that pain is the reward
For being His chosen son or daughter.

The message and example of Jesus are
A guide to be a good sister or brother.
I don't believe his father demanded his death.
Would this come from loving father or mother?

But The Spirit of Divinity is something
To which we can all relate if we look
Into hearts through the eyes of each other;
Something I did not often find in The Book.

I believe we were all put on this earth
To see Divinity in others and ourselves.
When we fill others with fear and anger,
There is no space for The Spirit to dwell.
I have long searched for a constant
Source of gentle strength and integrity;
Someone who is sure and strong in ways
That I wanted to, but  never could, be.

I am fortunate to now have in my life
A mate for whom marriage is a fact.
It is not based on my emotions
Or the emotions he seems to lack.

Our bonding seems to be on mutual sharing
Of strengths that we individually lack.
We take freely from each others gifts,
And offer to give our strengths back.

He is the well from which I draw
The continued ability to give.
He is the light that gives me strength
To continue, with pain of others, to live.

Mine is the source of laughter and hugs
That  give him a sense of complete humanity,
So that he finally knows that knowledge
Is not all that human life is meant to be.

I know that he, too, can hold my friends,
Without demanding any reciprocal reward.
Our strengths, which are here for the asking,
Keeps us, through all things, going  forward.

Because I didn't know how to fight for family
I have often run screaming from hypocrisy.
For me, this marriage is the holiest thing;
What my husband believes is the him we see.

We must each pick our opponents and battles;
There are those who will fight to their own death,
Who won't be vulnerable to learning from others.
All boundaries they consider something to test.

These are people who will take you to hell
Rather than partner in another person's plan;
These are people who have deadened souls,
And may never accept relationships' demands.

How sad it is when we must finally walk away,
Our own souls gravely injured from the fight.
To watch people destroy others, harms us.
Do two wrongs ever make for one right?

I think perhaps the most damaging thing
Is abuse that's disguised as loving guidance.
Where punishment replaces good example,
Peace and joy don't seem to stand a chance.

A new day and age has recently dawned
Where we disallow the gods of war.
It is my belief that this place in history
Is what the day of Pentecost was for.

Let all the soldiers of God and Christ
Put down their eternally flaming swords,
And serve each other with burning spirits.
Is this a world we're finally ready for?

Perhaps each successive generation
Since the Genesis of the body human
Has been one step further to the truth
About our roles in the Divine plan.

Perhaps we simply weren't evolved enough
To allow such a powerful Unseen Spirit
To take our base animal natures and refine us
To earthly beings with Divine spiritual merit.

For many centuries there was something
To which much of humankind did aspire.
And perhaps we've finally found a way
To fulfill humankind's hearts' greatest desire.

We've worshiped gods of fear, awe, and sacrifice;
We've now been given Spirit to match the mission
A world where we fight by standing firm and united
Is my most cherished and hoped-for heavenly vision.

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  1. You ask many questions, that comes to us from the ages, but still unanswered. We all must work out our own salvation, that may take many courses.