Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Scripture and The Spirit

The writing of sacred words rarely conveys their full meaning;
Without seeing the eyes of the writer, how can we know of their truth?
If one has ever attempted to express love or anguish in a letter,
We know that even tears on the page can't fully express what we feel.

I see much sacred scripture "written" on the faces of many
Who welcome me kindly when I enter the rooms where they dwell.
This connection, more than their words, imparts their Holy Spirit
Into the farthest depths of my body, my brain, my heart, and my soul.

Even those tormented by demons nipping at their psyches,
Sometimes have a spark of joy leap when we enter their lives.
As long as there's an ember of Spirit still silently burning,
The warmth of another's caring can slowly bring it to full flame.

Perhaps words can act as the breath that will fan the flames,
But they are not sufficient without the warmth's close proximity.
From the time of birth, we are hungry for comforting touch,
And tastes, and smells. This is why we need physical intimacy.

I pray that my friends who are grounded in a greater god
Don't ever get tired of dragging my weary soul from the abyss.
I simply can't seem to stop myself from emotionally nursing others;
I need the nourishment of their souls to make me whole again.

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  1. Sometimes you feel like you are alone, until that someone lifts you up!