Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life's Lessons

Watching "my" little family as they play and soak up the sun;
Is this the inter-generational dynamic since time was begun?
I so miss the wonderful years when the grandchildren were mine,
Children learning on their own, as we adults killed so much time.

There is always the mindless urge to continue to procreate,
Continuing to live in the innocence that is a child's state.
But innocence is an illusion that takes much adult energy
To guard the young children, and keep them predator free.

Today there is a young mother and three children
Two children are hers; the other cousin or friend.
There are two older women; are they grandmothers?
I know the young mother claims only two as hers.

The truth of big families is that the older of the children
Are the youngsters' parents, not their sisters/brothers/friends.
I wish we would admit that there is only so much
Time, energy, patience, and nurturing arms to touch.

We then could extend the years when children are free
To learn what they need and learn who they are to be.
Now that we know we have such a  complex universe,
Growing up takes more years of putting our children first.

Hopefully, then, when we finally set them free as adults,
Children who are more ready to lead will be the result.
I don't know how those without their family's support and help
Hold on and protect for long enough for their children to develop.

1 comment:

  1. You set them free. They sometimes act as adults for a period, then revert to childhood.
    Has this always happened? CRAP!