Saturday, May 5, 2012

Purpose and Pride

I finally understand why people who are involved live longer;
I think it is the energy that we absorb from our surroundings.
Even those who live on negativity seem more content in groups;
I have found this realization to be immeasurably astounding.

The workplace gives many what they had in family or school,
A group who gets comfortable with who and what we are.
I am loving being part of a positive team of equal players,
Where no one person seems to want to be the shining star.

As a manager in the old patriarchal workplace,
I was expected to hold myself above employees.
This way caused me many problematic moments;
By my egalitarian nature, my employers were displeased.

I was so afraid all my life of working in a bureaucracy,
Afraid that I'd bristle at the many layers of authority.
But I find that clearly defined divisions of leadership
Can also relieve some burdens of responsibility.

Of course, as a contractor instead of employee,
The lines of my job are contractually limited.
I suspect that if I became permanent and full time,
The continued honeymoon feeling may be inhibited.

I know I will miss the sense of purpose and pride
When this contract reaches its natural finale,
But it has enabled me time to reclaim the essence
Of what always makes me feel like the best me.

1 comment:

  1. So there you are! being a contract guy gives you more of a free feeling, but you lose on the benefits side. BUT I always enjoy WORK, Work is food for my soul!