Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spiritual Similes

The humidity is so thick, we'd have trouble sucking it through a straw;
Not like a too-cold milkshake,  like cream pie our breath tries to draw.
Clouds are accumulated and ominous; is this why they're called cumulus clouds?
Thunder rolls like a freight train, coming from a far-away, too-full shroud.
Ah, the wonders of nature that science and religions seek to explain;
I am most comfortable knowing that mystery is meant to ever remain.

Seagulls are the only birds not running for shelter from the storm gods,
And scientists who live by statistics, into the storms continue to trod.
There are those who accept their positions as the gods' chosen ones,
Who do not feel the need, from the great powers of nature, to run.
I am most comfortable observing from my safe upstairs window,
Confident that the sound, sights, and fury are only meant for show.

This is probably why we lost our home in the power of a hurricane;
As long as the power was only for show, I felt we could remain.
My scientist husband talked for a year about the dangers of global warming,
But he failed to mention it was time to move away from the storming.
I was more comfortable living in my safe, happy world of denial,
Than I was attempting to run away from the pain of the next trials.

It is better, by far, for us to face the realities with our best friends,
Than to run away alone to wherever our safety seems to depend.
I would rather die laughing at the capriciousness of the gods and fate,
Than to live solely in the world of statistics, which scientists overrate.
Because something isn't statistically significant to the scientific mind
Only means that, to the truths in serendipity, that scientist is blind.

I don't think anyone has seen the face or heard the voice of the one, true god;
I accept that many have imagined a face and voice on what they could not.
Our humanity we project on nature and the gods from whom we want favor,
But I reject that any person can fully explain the mysteries of all of nature.
Our similes and metaphors are part of our feeble attempts to relate
To the powers of the universe that rule our lives and our children's fates.

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  1. Storms and weather will always be with us.
    Heard from God? many say so, but methinks only few do.