Thursday, May 17, 2012

Use It; Don't Abuse It

It is now official, I'll soon, once again, be unemployed;
I got my hopes up a bit about continuing what I enjoyed.
To have been hired permanently would be most enjoyable;
I've earned good money and been updated as employable.
But there are perks to having some time off between jobs;
I can catch up with friends and help others through life's slogs.

And, after all, summer's coming with grandchildren's vacations;
These are times they and their moms have little obligation.
I may do some granny camp by my son's swimming pool;
My youngest granddaughter still seems to think her granny's cool.
Maybe we'll convince her aunt and cousin to spend time with us
I could even keep one granddaughter here, if her mother doesn't fuss.

There are so many grandmother things that I'd still like to do,
But times with these busy, accomplished children are too few.
Working has been a way to earn money for our family  fun,
And, with too much idle time, I wasn't enjoying what I had become.
Maybe I will see a way to work only when it's convenient for me;
When my friends and family have time and call, I will still be free.

What a blessing it is to find ways to use
The talents that one doesn't want to abuse.
I have often seen many management opportunities
As a way to get others into doing what bullies please.
Charisma can be used to bring personal gain;
It can also draw in volunteers to be trained.

Every gift we're given can be used for greed or balance.
I am so very grateful that I have been given chances.
To hone the skills that my mother thought were arrogance
And use them to help worthy causes to secure their stances.
It is serving me well that I have learned to ask for assistance
Not for me, but for those who may encounter resistance.

Sometime it is possible to have our cake and eat it too,
If we don't limit ourselves to only one thing we can do.
My body wore out, so catering became too painful;
I still had management skills for work that was gainful.
Now my organizational skills, coupled with fundraising
Allow me to find employers who think I'm worth engaging.

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  1. As always, looking on the brighter side. Dat is Good!
    Good thoughts. ENJOY LIFE!