Thursday, June 21, 2012

Babies and Birthrights

To whom am I praying, if not to The Positive Power of The Universe
What or who has the power to reverse the mistakes by which we're cursed?
Is it possible that our fore mothers and fathers, beginning with Adam and Eve
Have doomed every generation who they and their heirs conceived?

How is that, in a just world, there are babies born with such deficits
That even their own mothers and fathers look upon them with regrets?
How is that, no matter how much we love, we cannot heal the hurts
That have been visited upon the children, even before their births?

How is it that the babies continue to suffer for the sins
Committed by their ancestors, even before their lives begin?
How can we rescue our babies from what we cannot see?
Will we ever be, from the sins of our parents, set free?

The only hope I see is that we pay attention to procreation,
And marry those who have strengths in our weak ideations.
But first we must reject the world's values that have no Grace;
Only living in our Holy Spirits makes us a human race.

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