Friday, June 22, 2012

The Role of Responsibility

I once thought I was pregnant by a man with no sense of responsibility;
I knew I could not raise a child that would be father-free.
Even though my children and their father lived many miles away,
I knew that he would always, in their lives, an important role play.

I wasn't sure I could bring myself to subject another baby
To the pitfalls of my mothering, which many times was crazy.
I believed that the only solution may be to kill myself and this babe,
But who would be the mother and, my children, continue to raise?

In a Utopian Universe there are communities of perfect parents,
Who will always be there for whatever babies we present.
But, in my experience, most people are much too occupied
To take on the children whose parents' souls have died.

There is little community care or sense of obligation
To children from other families and beliefs across our nation.
The Ten Commandments are rules for getting along with each other,
But we continue the course of Cain and Able, brother against brother.

I believe Cain and Able learned power struggles from their parents,
More focused on themselves than on the children they were sent.
How many of us are prepared to give up our own needs and desires,
Once we have, the next generation, mothered or sired?

Until the day we are ready, maybe the most honest thing
Is to give back the many babies who are unwanted offspring.
If we cannot undo the damage that was created by being rejected,
Should we return the fetuses to The Spirit to be protected?

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  1. I am not sure Cain and Abel saw the press for power between the parents. We are all free to make decisions on our own. Because we choose wrong does not necessarily mean we got it from the parents. My mind goes to Hitler, was he in effect a mad man because of his parents/ I am not so sure. Because if so, maybe i am responsible for misplaced values in my children, if so, I did not mean to be.

    If this makes no sense, I have been up too long.

    Love ya!