Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beloved Broken Babies

All of us should have the spark of True God in us before conception;
Our lack of this Divinity is in our ancestors' rejection
Of the things that protect themselves and their seeds from hell.
This is something on which I wish all potential parents would dwell.

The great prophets have come from generations of preparation,
So that they would be ready to righteously lead new nations.
Babies born to dead spirits are hardly prepared to thrive,
Even if we manage to keep their tiny bodies alive.

Is it any wonder that those who have put their souls to sleep
Are not able to, any morality principles, keep?
And why do we marvel that those conceived in violence
Have, in their souls and spirits, felt violent ever since?

I still hope those who had their Divinity taken away
Can one day shed the demons that, on their souls, prey.
Meantime, I'm not sure that it's not preferable
To return them to The Divinity in which they should be full.

Perhaps if we prevent their births with souls that are destroyed,
The positive energy of The Spirit will be, by them, enjoyed.
And perhaps their wonderful sparks of The Spirit will grow,
And to those who will nurture their Divinity, they will eventually go.

I say spay and neuter every animal that is able to mate
If all they want is to fill their own needs and wants when they procreate.
Let them have their empty pleasures without creating lost souls;
If your Spirit is dead, your baby can't be born whole.

1 comment:

  1. Sadly you are right, we have way toooo many babies that are not LOVED, CHERISHED AND NOURISHED.
    It can break your heart!