Monday, June 18, 2012

Males, Mothers, and Mentors

"Everyone who seeks the Truth needs a guide or a mentor." -

Yesterday was Fathers' Day. My son called me. He is not my father, but he is the father/mentor of two of my beloved grandchildren. Should I have called him? Perhaps, but I choose to wait for him to seek me.

I'm not sure when humankind realized that birth was not simply the magic of a mother, but a conjoining of the energy of mother and father.  I do know that it has been long enough that it should be accepted by all thinking beings. Unfortunately, there are still those who are so primitive that they believe that God plants babies in the wombs of mothers, and that this endows mothers with special powers and privileges.

Mothers don't make babies without men, and fathers can't make babies without women. People decide to make babies with each other, with or without consulting a Divine Spirit.  I shudder at the thought that one day cloning of humans may become possible, and babies will be made by replicating their mothers. Men will then be nonexistent. I fear that this is where we are headed with artificial means of impregnating women.

How did we get to a society where men sell their seed and women their ova?

Men, for many millenia, have been treated as superfluous, except as progenitors and providers. They have willingly gone off to war to protect their women's progeny. It is time that women allow them the space in their own homes where they, too, can celebrate and be celebrated.

Women, for many millenia, have been forced by their vulnerability while pregnant or mothering, to accept the ascendency, even by abuse, of the men in their area. Rape, incest, and other abuse have long been ways to create dependence and vulnerability in the ascendent females.

We are finally coming to acceptance of parental partnering. Men have never been the only ones capable of mentory; neither have women. We are all both male and female in our genetic makeup. Those who have both knowledge and wisdom in certain areas are those who should be honored, in their areas, with mentoring our young.

Let us stop caring who has the most sense of style, who has the most compassionate heart, and who has the most physical strength. We are all cut from the same cloth. If Jesus was truly a man while he walked the earth, even he had X and Y chromosomes.

I am grateful every day that I was born in the United States of America, where we, at least in principle, uphold the rights of every human being to be treated as a being born in "the image and likeness of God." Unfortunately, we continue to fight over the true face of our god. My god is neither male nor female, but is a Divine energy or Holy Spirit that powers all creation, male and female. Many have sacrificed to come to this point on the path in understanding Divinity. I will not go back.


  1. It would be a blessing if we could all agree to allow our Brothers and Sisters to live their lives without 'ordering' them to follow 'MY RULES'.

    There are a few things I wish, one is that a set of instructions came to each mother and father on caring for their off spring.

    1. The manual is written on our hearts by our ancestors. Unfortunately, many of us had ancestors who were not guided by The Spirit and not patient with their teachings.