Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Breaking and Beginning

We went to see some of our family,
Some for him, and one for me.
It took us twenty years for them to see
That we'll, forever, a couple be.

Even though this may sound strange,
I think his brother's death made this change.
Did the children need their dad's permission
To let another male family figure in?

Or was it Richard who was afraid
To open his heart and get waylaid?
Did his brother's death finally force him
To let the love of other family in?

Or was it that I finally gave up
Trying to fill his long-empty cup
With people who have been close to me,
With whom he feels little history?

I have often said that I'm afraid
Of the feelings he hasn't said.
Once a dam is broken above a town,
The too fast floods will cause people to drown.

There are many who love him, but he is frozen;
He doesn't know what they want from him.
It makes me sad that he offers so much,
But doesn't reach out to receive others touch.

His deep well of kindness and caring
Has always been here for the sharing.
Now that my family has broken our hearts,
In the fissures, will there be new starts?

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