Saturday, June 2, 2012

Celebration of The Spirit of Life Within

How much easier it must be to follow a religion that has a physical mentor,
Not simply a preacher or a teacher, but one who has shown the way.
What we of the Abrahamic religions have is a long historical record
Where covenants and children are tracked from generation to generation.
Can the followers of Krishna, Buddha, Socrates, or Plato say the same?

It seems to me that for many years and many generations of people
We Abrahamics couldn't countenance sanctity without blood sacrifice.
The scriptures seemed to continue to tell the same tale of salvation:
We needed to move toward a way to see The Spirit in one another,
But they continued to fight for space and favor in earthly entities.

I believe that showing us the Spirit of Peace is the mission of The Christ.
I believe community cooperation and celebration is the path to peace
I believe The Spirit is available in our fellow humans, if we look for It,
And that all of creation is there to help us develop earthly harmony.
I wish that we could stop looking for blood or land to bind us.

I wish we'd all join in the celebration of The Spirit of Life within.

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