Saturday, June 23, 2012

Faith, Family, and Fidelity

Are we going to save the babies or honor their parents, long-dead ?
We can't speak ill of the dead? We're free to share what we dread.
Some sit Shiva to draw enough to say, about the dead, what was good.
There are some in whom there was no goodness. Isn't this understood?

Christianity, before Constantine, was a religion of all that came before;
The pope sold out to politics and, to what came before, closed the door.
There were many who pretended piety at the sharpened edge of a sword;
This didn't mean that they actually believed that to which they swore.

We have suffered from the false versions and creeds of Christianity;
The Christ was never intended to create a political power of policy.
The Christian church became afraid and sold out so many years ago,
It is time that those who are Spiritual Christians, their values show.

Those who protested the Vatican's strong hold on Christendom
Now must, all the falseness, in Roman Christendom agree to shun.
No human was ever infallible; Jesus didn't, for himself, claim this.
It is time that The "Holy" Roman State, we all join hands to resist.

There are many who have tried to change the church from inside,
And, with these faithful souls, my respect and gratitude abide.
But the time has come to allow the legal representatives
To prosecute the offensives that we humans shouldn't forgive.

Let the God of Isaac, Jacob, Abraham, and their wives
Decree the eternal fates of those, for whom death, we decide.
We must unite to stop those whose souls were dead before their births
From destroying the Divine Energy that was put upon this earth.

The most moral men I know are Judeo-Christian, who are ridiculed because
They destroy the curve for other men, who hide behind their wives and mothers.
The man I married this time is Judeo-Christian, of Roman Catholic stock;
He learned values from his father and religious orders, by whom he was taught.

He cannot quote the words of sacred scripture or sing religious songs;
On his heart and soul he seems to have a sense of right and wrong.
And he's willing to honor and learn from that stamped on my heart;
But, unlike him, I get shaky when we're too long apart.

It is often difficult for me to walk side-by-side with my man
Who has in his heart and soul a very straight and narrow plan.
But I am blessed because he continues putting his arms out to me;
He waits while I come around to understanding his policies.

We are both united in the family being our personal church;
We stand strong together, no matter where our loved ones lurch.
While we are often, because of this, left together, and all alone.
We still have the door open to those who want a safe, loving home.

This is our answer to the controversies and contradictions
Contained in the scriptures on which organized religion depends.
We have seen the practice of these various religious creeds
And we try to emulate those who teach by their deeds.

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