Sunday, June 17, 2012

Grateful for Grandchildren

My grandchildren have returned to their homes.
Thankfully, I have only seven days to mourn.
They will return in about a week,
Bringing the joy that I so longingly seek.

I absolutely love watching the young
Becoming the humans they will become.
I must be reminded by them of the stages
That are appropriate for different ages.

I know little of child development;
By seven, my innocence had been spent.
Is it possible that even at eighteen
They aren't ready to be kings and queens?

How blessed are the children who are closely held
By parents who don't, on their weaknesses, dwell.
The parents who support them as they learn
To wisely use their passions that burn.

It often takes a whole village of wisdom
To hold on while the children fully become
The men and women they were meant to be;
Only then do these families set their young free.

I'm so grateful that my own children
Have become a responsible woman and man.
They love their children and guide them,
So I can enjoy my children again.

It is often a struggle for them to understand
The boundaries behind which I firmly stand,
But my children trust me to honor their values,
And to protect their children from abuse.

1 comment:

  1. Nothing much more rewarding than to be an appreciated, trusted and respected Grandparent!

    Children are mostly considered sweet.
    Once my mama was taking my sister and I to visit someone in the 'insane asylum'. As we walked up mama with a child by each hand, a lady leaned out a window and called to mama, "You think them little devils are cute, but they ain't!"

    Something drove that lady insane (maybe unruly kids??!)LOL