Friday, June 29, 2012

Still Sitting Shiva

We must be able to speak ill of the dead when we have been harmed by them,
Just as those who where helped are able to still claim them as friends.
The negative energy people plant in others doesn't simply go away
Until the wounds inflicted by others are healed, the negative energy stays.

My prayer is that when I leave this life, I've had opportunity
To make amends to those who, from my wrongs, need setting free.
And I hope those I've loved and helped feel free to celebrate
Without the shadow of the things I did that they hate.

I know it isn't so, but relationships should be about batting average,
But the harms outweigh the gifts in those fueled by rage.
All those who believe in suffering as salvation refuse to be healed;
Those who punish all pain believe that any enemy must be killed.

I can truly say that the most freeing revelation to me
Is knowing that another was loved by someone who hurt me.
When I share my wounds with this person, it is my hope
That their love is strong enough to be a saving rope.

I do not seek to destroy that which is good in the other's heart
I simply want to reclaim my own bloodied and beaten parts.
I understand a seven day moratorium on speaking ill,
But must I wait until death to that part of my heart fill?

It is not for us to ever know whether our own energies balance,
But I believe while we live we have many a chance
To seek to leave a positive "footprint" on this earth
When we focus on our Divine Spirit that should have been ours at birth.

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  1. There may actually be some good in revealing how you were hurt by one who blessed another, but to be sure you must know that the other can handle it.