Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dancing While We Die

One of the worst things we do to our children is to allow them no pride;
The blessings we've been given responsibility for should not be denied.
We should teach them the humility to understand they are on loan;
Our gifts are something the Spirit of the Universe will always own.

We should also teach our young the magic of synergy;
Sharing our gifts with others creates a new energy.
When we truly love, we lean into each other;
This kind of sharing makes us all sisters and brothers.

The only leaders I will follow are those that know how to teach
With example and exchange of information, rather than preach.
If one can't demonstrate to another what one should do,
The mind may know how, but the body can't follow through.

I have had many mothers whose lives have been miracles;
They have graciously shown me how to keep my Spirit full.
Now many of them are facing their own dying days;
I want to be with them and shower them with praise.

And what of all the men who have helped me in this life?
My open love for them shouldn't threaten their wives.
We all need someone's hands to hold and wash us as we go.
Are we to help with all of this with no love beginning to show?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we created living eulogies;
A deathbed party would, I think, many greatly please.
I'm so thankful for the Hospice angels who help us to tend
Our loved ones' physical needs as our lives come to an end.

Perhaps, one day, there will be a group who vows to each other
To give us compassionate care as we go, like that of a loving mother.
If we are facing our last moments here upon the earth
Shouldn't we be surrounded by gratitude and mirth?

When I go, it would be nice to be taken on a cruise
With all the many people that I'm about to lose.
Let them all party with me as I say good-bye,
Laugh, sing, dance, and tell fun stories until we cry.

The way to perfection for some is to never do anything;
This is not the story that, about me, people will sing.
It may be selfish, but I don't care what is done with my dead body;
While I'm alive I want to be the catalyst for a party.

It doesn't seem right to be silent until our loved ones are gone;
Our shared blessings and blunders will continue to live on.
I have been chosen before to be a person's death director;
This is the person who is the dying one's wishes protector.

Some would say this is prideful, that we want to celebrate
What we did in life, that some may consider great.
It would also be wonderful if those that I have harmed
Would let me say I'm so sorry as they hold me in their arms.

I know that I've hurt many because I live so out loud;
This is the root of my shame; it doesn't make me proud.
The great big passions I feel, I do not know how to control;
I hope not to die leaving these scars on others' souls.

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  1. You raise some valid points. I like to try top give the roses while they live!