Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Christians with Questions

I'm so sorry that I make you tired with my constant questioning;
I can't accept without question, The Church and many other things.
The traditions unexamined should not continue to be followed
Without respectful questions, all human growth will be swallowed.

I did not choose to be the child who constantly exclaimed,
"The emperor has no clothes", and for his disgrace, was blamed.
The Wizard of Oz is an ever-popular morality movie,
Even though Dorothy could, the wizard's true face, see.

This is how I feel about the posturings of the popes,
Who make pronouncements in which infallibility is invoked.
Because The Church felt threatened by those who look too close,
They denied the power of  the people to perceive The Holy Ghost.

There are many children who have been taught to disbelieve
The innocence and divine grace with which they were conceived.
The Church wanted to retain the power to decide who'd be let in
To the communion of saints, those absolved from ancestors' sin.

Our early faith was sold out to the rule of expediency;
Those who wanted to conquer the world pretended to be
Christians who lived what Jesus had lived and taught.
At the threat of death, allegiances were bought.

Christianity was turned into a religion of the state;
Politics became the power, because our leaders wouldn't wait
For the Holy Spirit and the Christians who believed
To convert others, with the grace in which we were conceived.

We continue to pay the price of our religions' hypocrisy;
Those who question have been cut off of the family tree.
In order to survive in our present culture of Christendom,
Do we all have to pretend that past actions weren't done?

Can we reclaim the power of The Spirit of Holiness;
Or will we, in fear and anger, continue to regress?
Each follower of faith has the power to lead some of those
Who are looking for a sense of peace in which to repose.

We must not be shy about turning away the beasts
Who, with their own fear and anger, our anxieties increase.
Anyone who attempts to lead with threats of punishment
Is not one of the leaders that our Infinite Divinity sent.

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  1. You write facts here, no one should be censored for honest questions they have concerning religions.