Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sharing the Spirit

If I'm not allowed to share the lessons I've learned, I don't care if I live
What good is life without gratitude for what we have to give?
We live in a culture of disregard for anything that came before,
As if the experiences of past generations didn't open today's doors.

My understanding of the spiritual practices of Native Americans
Is that there were respected elders of every nation and clan.
These were people who spoke from their wealth of experience,
Stories from their generation and those who had passed long hence.
They also took the time to honor the sacred in all of life;
The animals that fed them were honored for their sacrifice.
Do we honor anything or anyone in our disposable generation?
I somehow think not, in our hurried and greedy nation.

It is considered un-American to share and to expect justice,
Unless one can prove this is the order of one's priests.
In this land of rugged independence, why can't we believe
That seeking  balance in The Spirit is why we're conceived?

We must stop acting as if we don't have to honor creation
We are the vessels of The Spirit, "God's" re-creation.
"God" doesn't need our honor, but we need that of each other.
Until we understand that, we'll be brother against brother.

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  1. True. We have changed the priorities of life, and becfame a me, Me, ME world. It is refreshing to see young folk who have been taught respect for their elders, and other humans who have learned to respect God's creations. Life is good, we must hold that precious!