Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Is Tradition Trustworthy?

Almighty power is something to which humans can't relate.
Some say God is a jealous God, but this a human trait.
I do not believe The Eternal Universe rejects all of those
Who grow in the manifestations of The Almighty they chose.

If Divine Energy is a static force, what would be the point?
There are many throughout history we've chosen to anoint
Because these people had special power to lead us to better,
Not simply worldly experience as today's trend setters.

Some people call them prophets; others call them savior.
One thing is certain; we learn from their behaviors.
They do not simply preach sermons as they reject
The actions that show us how to live the lives they respect.

We sometimes misunderstand the stories that are written;
They're scribed by those who, by human power, were smitten.
What is the truth of the tale of Abraham and his son?
I believe the first voice he heard was a false god's one.

Since the time of Abraham, we have sought another way
Than blood sacrifices to gods that, in the heavens, play.
Isn't it possible that we are, finally, coming to an age
In which we help harmony by the lives in which we engage?

If we continue to project power by peaceful protest,
Will this ultimately bring out humanity's best?
We have so many leaders of simpering hypocrisy;
Are we truly ready for our truths to be set free?

If, in our churches we sat, when called to the communion rail,
When we know the policies of our church shouldn't prevail,
Would we be able to bring about truth and justice
And create a religion of honesty that all of us can trust?

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