Thursday, July 5, 2012

Protective Parents

My son has a protection racket that he runs from his home.
It is the neighborhood spot to which all the families roam.
All his friends stand firm in commitment to family;
This is where the children can live and learn, fear free.

He and his wife have created a backyard paradise;
When people ask to bring children, they don't think twice
The pool is always open, even to those who can't swim;
There are many who will catch the children, if they fall in.

Several dads on barbecues and telling fishing stories;
Mothers in bathing suits, showing off their youthful glory;
Ice chests always full of something cold to drink;
It is sad to think this time in life passes in a blink.

I like to believe that if Jesus and Magdalene had children
This is the kind of celebration their lives would have been.
Jesus was quite a fisherman and a great story teller,
And he was also a joyfully disciplined kind of feller.

I'm quite sure my son would like to turn water into wine,
But he certainly doesn't have that much spark of The Divine.
The families bring loaves and fishes to share -- and beer.
The children cavort in the pool, while parents share good cheer.

Look in the eyes of a protective parent, there's the light of The Holy Spirit.
Their guidance of their children are the voices of angels, even if we don't hear it.
There is nothing greater on this earth than to give our lives to another,
As is the way with every committed and loving father and mother.

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  1. Being protective in today's world has its good points, that is for sure!!!
    Protection RAcket!!!!! neat!