Saturday, July 7, 2012

Parenting and the Past

We have been taught to hate ourselves, but how we love our children;
The heartbreak is when our children continue to fall into our sin.
Is genetics really our destiny, as some would have us believe?
Would that I had died early rather than to conceive.

I was taught that the sins of the parents are passed to sons;
This has been happening since humanity was begun.
I was also taught that we are all born with a free will;
How can I believe both and have my soul be still?

The only way I can come to peaceful reconciliation
Is to know that there is another choice in my life's station.
This is to read scripture as what has been tried before,
With the realization that the Holy Spirit has opened a new door.

If the soul is The Holy Spirit, that in all humankind dwells,
We make, on earth, an imprint of heaven and of hell.
We plant and grow the seeds of  peace and harmony
When we insist that from fear and greed, we will remain free.

The childish souls act in accordance with fear,
Not with a value system that they hold most dear.
I will no longer allow demons and devils to rule;
I am now a teacher, finished with the false school.

Do not continue to tell me that I must go home,
When abuse of power turned all my siblings out to roam,
Seeking truth and justice, and finally giving up.
I cannot continue to drink from this bitter cup.

It is true I've lost family and many of my friends;
I've seen the consternation in my dear and loving husband.
I don't blame those who still seek the church's protection,
And I do understand when my beliefs lead to rejection.

I would like to think that some will join me in solidarity,
When asked to confront religious hypocrisy.
But I know that it is difficult to live without our pasts.
I believe that the truth will triumph, and pray that it will last.

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  1. I am glad that I had loving parents who took the time to love me and explain that life is good, if we will let it be.
    But of course thee is lots of hypocritical religious folk in the world, more than we need to be sure.