Thursday, July 26, 2012

Prudent and Protective Parents

Let me now say in conclusion that this commandment demands also that every one love and esteem the spouse given him by God. For where conjugal chastity is to be maintained, man and wife must by all means live together in love and harmony, that one may cherish the other from the heart and with entire fidelity. For that is one of the principal points which enkindle love and desire of chastity, so that, where this is found, chastity will follow as a matter of course without any command. Therefore also St. Paul so diligently exhorts husband and wife to love and honor one another.
— Martin Luther, The Large Catechism
When a man waits for a wife before sharing his body, he and she will learn together what pleases the other in the marriage bed. Most young people are pushed into sex by people promoting weakness for their own gains. There is little money to be made in temperance, but much to be made from those who have no self-control. It takes a mighty community to hold children back from their animal instincts until they gain authority over their desires. Many communities tire of the struggle and release their children to their animal natures almost as they learn to talk and walk. 
It is a sad truth that those who are weak in their own resolve seek to draw others into their sin in order to "normalize" it. How often we see parents "teaching" their children how to be a "man" or a "real woman" by joining the children in breaking down the boundaries of responsible society. How terrible it is to see parents becoming like children instead of standing as a united force in continuing to protect their children from their animal instincts and those of others. 
Animals are programmed for certain behaviors, which they practice while watching their elders exhibit the behaviors accepted by their society. We are a society of greedy babies crying to be coddled, entertained, and excited at all times. We, in this country, have no real unmet need, so we confuse want with need and demand everything we see as soon as we see it. 
We say we are following the laws of Heaven, but in truth we worship mammon in the form of what money can buy to give us power over others. We've convinced ourselves that we are better people because we've been "blessed" with more than our neighbors. We flaunt our superiority and take pride in creating lust in others.
Some of the most wonderful people I know are those who live the most simple lives, working the land, writing their letters, rocking fussy babies, and cooking. They are grateful for every whit and tittle with which they are blessed, as if they are not working for it. Good work is a gift; it is a partnership with Divine Energy in which we are privileged to give back some of the blessings bestowed on us.
When we treat honest work and temperance with less than honor, we are destroying the sacredness of life. When we exalt those who are cleverly stealing from others and hoarding earthly goods, we are creating a kingdom of Hell here on earth. This is the earth we are handing down to our children and their children. Who is protecting them from the gates of this Hell? Where, Oh "God", are the prudent and protective parents?

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  1. Much truth here and a lesson that is slowly being unlearned, well not slowly, it if fast being unlearned.

    It is like Will Rogers said, it is very hard to put the cat back in the bag.

    Shame on us, this generation living whether old or young we participated.

    Of course I could never get the cat out of the bag!!!!! LOL