Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Religion and Root Stock

I became like a man, many years ago;
It was the only way to survive.
Any woman who served was seen as a whore,
And her importance was denied.

I was carefully groomed to be a partner
To a protective, righteous man;
I chose someone of the Christian faith,
Knowing this was in God's plan.

His mother, the rock of his religion, died
Before we formed a solid graft.
We became parents of a babe and our siblings
Before my twentieth birthday passed.

The weight of the family was too heavy;
It broke my branch from the roots.
We were only able to produce
Two perfect and powerful fruits.

I fell to rocky ground and developed
A root system of my own,
And from this new tree of life,
Strong, hybrid root stock has grown.

But the feeding of the new fruit,
Without strong extended support,
Has left me an empty husk
Who cares not if this life is short.

1 comment:

  1. This is sort of a dark entry. I could see where it could be frustrating and confusing at times to be a woman. However never 'been there' we on the other side must try and imagine.

    I do think life is turning around, maybe your off-spring can view life different.

    At any age, LIFE IS SHORT. Sometime I am sad reading obituaries from the local paper. Some at 20 yrs others at 90+, to the deceased it was ALL short. (IMHO)