Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sacred Sexuality

Even dogs do a mating dances before they consummate their affection;
Is it any wonder that those without courting skills face sexual rejection?
Sacred sex should be more than relief of bodily functions;
There are many reasons for the applying of emotional unctions.

Even in long-time marriages, there are certainly ways to date,
Unless we set up our lives where nothing we want can wait.
When sex is not the primary reason for our bond,
There are missions in relationships that go far beyond.

If we want to actually have a meeting of the minds,
We must make our own rituals, away from the daily grind.
When I was young, our parents dropped us at the movies
Perhaps this was then they performed their "marital duties."

Religions don't seem to get the function of physical intimacy;
This is part of our animal natures from which we'll never be free.
We must take the time to taste and touch and smell
This is how all animals can, their own tribe, tell.

Not all of marriage is to create new generations;
Celebration of earthly life is what bonds families and nations.
We seem to finally be realizing that men and women both,
In sharing of the physical, find unity about which to boast.

It is accepted as a way to bond, the sharing of bread,
So should the sharing of our sacred marriage beds.
To welcome another with loving arms and warm embrace
Is one of the great glories of the human race.

Let us celebrate each others bodies in committed security,
That there is always a beloved who knows the real me.
This is a relationship in which we can feel The Divine
And transcends the mundane through all space and time.

The sound of the beloved's voice, the twinkle in one's eyes
Should always be a great miracle and a welcome surprise.
The scent of the beloved's skin, the tenderness of touch
Should give us the sense of safety for which we yearn so much.

We have been taught that yearning for our beloved is weak;
Yet this is the bond, which on a primal level, we seek.
If we weren't meant to celebrate physical love's sacred
Why is it the most physically powerful force with which we are created?

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  1. There is sex, there is also love. It is ideal when there is first LOVE, a dedication to one that says we both 'enjoy' this together, or we do not have it at all.

    A meaningful subject that needs to be understood by everyone, ESPECIALLY A MAN AND WIFE.