Sunday, July 1, 2012

Women Without Wombs

If a man understands a woman's soul, other men reject him;
This has been the way and truth ever since life did begin.
They have an unfair advantage in the animal kingdom's wars,
And the spiritual realm is what the animal kingdom abhors.

A man who loves his mother is attacked as a mama's boy,
And a man who honors his wife becomes other men's play toy.
Will we finally resolve the battle now that men are Mr. Moms,
And we stop pretending that mothers and God are where babies come from?

It takes two to manage a family, as well as it does to mate;
This may be why it has always taken two to procreate.
We must stop the fantasy that we create humans as well as nature;
Evolution is not controllable by the products that are simply creatures.

We must stop creating designer babies in test tubes in labs;
This takes away all the power that historical natural laws had.
If  we conceive babies that we can't commit to raise,
Give back the unwanted babies; adoption be praised.

As for the women who are earth mothers to all,
They must realize that even great oaks can fall.
They must stop committing to more babes than they can handle
A teacher or babysitter can't, to a committed parent, hold a candle.

But helping committed parents when they act as a pair
Is something about which we all should greatly care.
Each couple has ways of protecting each other and their young;
This is the mating ballad I'd like to hear sung.

1 comment:

  1. It definitely takes a lot of love between the two sexes. there is not always understanding, but we should try.
    Lot of truth wrapped up there.
    Fact is, we need a lot of understanding on all (both)sides.
    Love from here, stay cool!