Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Creeds and Greed

That all creation is a sacred trust; when will we understand
It is only lent for safekeeping to the homo sapiens?
We must realize that all of ownership is but an illusion, 
Ancient humans had already reached that conclusion.

Those who insist on absolute ownership deny
The richness of creation to all outside their tribes.
Despots make rules to keep others at bay,
Not even obeying what they, themselves, say.

Creeds are often used as a means to exclude,
More than they're about who we include.
I would rather have a great big tent
To whom all those needing boundaries are sent.

I don't set the rules, but I accept
There may be reasons to, others, reject.
Some want nothing but anarchy,
So that they're free from community.

There is no anarchy in animal tribes
There's always a leader behind whom others hide.
But even the animals won't follow those
Who don't follow rules that, on others, they impose

We can't accept any who easily dispose
Of the rules our community will propose.
They may get expelled if they refuse to adhere
To the values that our community holds most dear.

There will always be a place at the table
For those who want to hear the fables
That are simply communication tools
For sharing of the boundaries and rules.

We are like sheep following wolves
Who consume, rather than protect, our young
It is time that we create new heroes
About whom our hymns will being sung.

Let's sing of the dedicated fathers and mothers
Who are faithful to community and to each other.
There is no greater bravery than making a stand
In bringing up children to be responsible humans.

1 comment:

  1. Thank goodness we do not always follow blindly. Some in the world realize the difference in a leader and a wolf in sheep's clothing or any kind, for that matter..

    you end on a very good note, as usual:

    There is no greater bravery than making a stand
    In bringing up children to be responsible humans.

    Love from New York's Rondout Valley!