Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Demand Democracy

Our republic has long-since stopped representing me.
Is our still-young country now ready for democracy?
Are we ready to grow up, and stop looking for human saviors?
As free adults, we are all responsible for our own behaviors.

Our country was not created to be led by corporations,
And the constitution left out those from lower stations.
We have the ability and right to fix it in these times
By refusing to backslide in our equality climb.

The conversation in our country is full of abject fear,
Instead of the values that we each hold most dear.
Perhaps it's time to take our history books off the shelf.
It is still true that the only "thing to fear is fear itself."

The Bible tells of centuries of "eye for eye" and "tooth for tooth",
But this only leads to more bloodshed, is the eternal truth.
We are told to love our enemies. In the Divine earthly plan,
Love begins with the attempt to, their grievances, understand.

We ridicule those who want to have fruitful conversations,
Instead of riding out to destroy or conquer other nations.
How many of us have read the histories of other faiths?
Without knowledge, how can we justify hating other races?

There is so much similarity in the stories of all families;
Things go wrong when we confuse our wants with needs.
Perhaps the real reason for so much natural disaster
Is to bring out the best in people that we see shortly after.

Let us learn from our service people what they have to say
About the families they met while they were far away.
If we would ask them about their lives in other places
We may see our family values in these non-white faces,

We don't need pundits and politicians who create fear;
More individuals need personal missions that are clear.
Perhaps we should stop participating in religious wars.
Isn't this what Christianity is supposed to be for?

Perhaps Israel should not be a country, but a state of mind;
To the possibility of heaven on earth we continue to be blind.
I believe my country of birth has the greatest potential
To solve the ongoing problems that are so elemental.

We went through killing each other over slavery and greed;
Corporations have created an underclass of unjust need.
The only way to break the cycle of an unjust nation
Is to bond together in our democracy's celebration.

We must speak out in informed, intelligent conversation
About our vision for our world and our own nation.
True change in all nations comes from peaceful protest;
Rallies for true democracy are what I humbly suggest.

We must take back our country from career politicians,
Becoming educated enough to make wise decisions.
We must make our voices heard above the corporations;
Lack of personal responsibility is what's killing our nation.

I am willing to wager my life that there are still those
Who, like our founding fathers, to national service, are disposed.
What about our billionaires serving in other countries?
Don't we think they may serve their own country for free?

The old folks must stop resenting being asked to step away,
And the young must be open to what the elders have to say.
But as long as every conversation begins with fear and anger,
Our country and world will continue to be in grave danger.

Let's begin with respectful listening to others' ideas,
Stop turning into anger all our unwarranted fears.
And if we are angry at anyone, let it be our obligation
To use that energy to break the cycle of fear ruling our nation.

We must put down our drugs, our alcohol, and our guns;
If we bond together, peacefully, we can't all be made to run.
We are killing ourselves to hide our righteous passion;
I've heard a purpose-driven life is now all the fashion.

No revolution goes forward without the bright flame
Of those who will no longer accept more of the same.
This is not now the time to pray for personal peace;
This is the time to unite to help make injustice cease.

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