Friday, August 10, 2012

Democracy and Depravity

One doesn't have to be a Communist to distrust unfettered competition;
Jealousy and a desire to possess put our world in its current position.
Adam and Eve were jealous of  unneeded universal knowledge,
And Cain killed his brother Abel to satisfy a jealous grudge.

It seems to be that mindless competition is the root of our downfall;
Climbing up on vanquished others doesn't actually make one tall.
The secret of true strength is to maximize each other on a team.
This will not only build community; it builds our self-esteem.

The rules of successful community are written in the commandments,
But there are many greedy souls who don't give others a chance.
They seem to want to always be the top of the community heap;
Once they achieve power, their evil they begin to reap.

They then make themselves into monarchs pretending to protect
The shoulders on which they stand, but otherwise reject.
They hide behind the system which worships earthly gain.
If we continue not to call them out, will only they remain?

We must be willing to all become community builders,
Not using religion, race, gender or creed as our filters.
We are not England or a European nation of kings;
We are strong because we assimilate many disparate things.

Let us begin to actively support diversity of strengths,
And join together to tear down the monarchical pretense.
There is no such thing as a "government" program in democracy;
No person or corporation should exempt themselves from paying fees.

The people receiving their social security checks today
Did not contribute what, from our budget, we now must pay.
The babies born before they are ready to live on their own
Will take much from the medical system, statistics have shown.

The people who don't want babies, they only want unfettered sex,
We refuse to pay for society, from their fertility, to protect.
But we continue to pay much to try to rescue the child
That will probably never be more productive than animals in the wild.

The weapons that kill many who are supporting their young
Are taking resources from which humanitarian efforts could be wrung.
If we want true equality and justice in our world and nation,
We must have companies bonded on teamwork instead of corporations.

For every service and every program we want for ourselves
There is accompanying cost on which we'd rather not dwell.
Taxpayers should be able to count on everyone paying his or her way,
Not exempting those who have the most political sway.

The answer is not in mindless protests to say what we won't do;
The answer is in asking on what effort each of us is willing to crew.
Every decision should be based on acceptance of responsibility;
There aren't any solutions that come to us completely free.

"God" may provide, but does so with our human hands;
The sharing of our strengths is what true humanity demands.
The belief that some are born to lead and some to be enslaved
Has, for too many generations, kept humanity depraved.

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  1. JFK spoke, "Ask not what..... etc" it works for a millisecond, then back to the world today, Days of our Lives and as the world turns.

    So the ones who don't watch the world go by, says: