Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Love and Leadership

All humans are made as Chosen Ones,
But because we don't want to be fully human,
From the god spark in each other we turn away;
The innocent and the righteous then become easy prey.
It is so much easier to drag others down
Than it is to rise to the level of Holy Ground.
And it takes little to get a crowd to bond
By waving fear over them, like a magic wand.
Then the fear mongers set themselves up as our saviors
After taking us past the point where we can endure.

I suspect that most of us still believe in a god
Who, when pleased, gives us an earthly reward.
We believe that this god will vanquish our enemies,
Thus showing others how they, too, should be.
This has led to such abuse and misunderstanding;
Treating others with compassion is what my god is demanding.
But we blame the victims born to lesser circumstance,
And try to fix them instead of giving them a chance,
To find their inner strengths and build discipline,
By working beside them as their equals and friends.

Every person of every color is related to me,
But the differences are what we prefer to see.
It makes it easy to categorize people we don't know.
Learning from one another is the only way to grow.
But we're hypocrites who sanction immorality
By not looking at ourselves for what others see.
We claim privilege as the chosen ones,
And of the beliefs of others make great fun.
Where is the basic respect for the image of god
That is in each human who ever, on the earth, trod?

We can't love one another in a disciplined way
Until we learn to keep our own demons at bay.
If the enlightened ones continue to walk the right way,
Their light will keep others from wanting to stray
From the path of self-discipline and righteousness,
And will guide lost souls back when they regress.
Shouting from the rooftops all sacred scripture
Will not spread the word as well as those who endure
The passions of others and lend a hand,
To anyone suffering in the family human.

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  1. Methinks you are absolutely correct in the over all thought. We are Chosen, not sure about rejecting, but I am sure we misinterpret and ignore it much of the time..