Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Promoting a Slower Pace

There are times I think life was easier without good medical care;
I wonder if people then cherished each other and each day  more?
When we didn't think all ailments and pain could be corrected,
Did we make the most of each moment of our shared good times?

Children have to be super stars in order to compete;
It matters not how they break and bruise their bodies.
Patch them up and send them out; make others proud
When do we relax and bask in life's pure ecstasy?

It does seem that, as we age, life is lived in the "repair shop."
Too tired to make more memories,  it's good we have so many.
Even the anticipation of another medical miracle
Is too stressful to contemplate, much less to anticipate.

All the wisdom of the ages is now available on the internet,
And people don't need voices; they prefer to text.
There is no more need for eye-to-eye communication,
And the music of shared laughter is now derisive sneers.

Physical contact is now reduced to that of sex partners,
Or the too-soon tainted pure affection shared with a child.
I so miss the touch, sight,, sound and smell of family;
The pace of life leaves no need for kissing and making up.

I cannot even form memories at such a frantic pace
When do we take enough time to fully process a day?
We snap pictures, promising ourselves delayed joy,
But the action has usually gone by too fast for me.

I will now settle for seeing the lives of others
Play out in thier pictures for the world to see.
When I close my eyes I smell, hear, and feel them,
And can again imagine the way our family used to be.

I often think I cry because I can't hold any more emotion;
Life has been much too memorable for one person's poor soul.
All I really care to do anymore is to leisurely reminisce
About the days of innocence of myself and those I love. 

I am not particularly attached to another day of  production;
Lay me down and let me dream about how life used to be.
I still believed in the possibility of universal peace and love,
And, by some magic, I thought I'd die before my energy.

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