Saturday, September 8, 2012

Forgiveness and Forgetfulness

Starting over can be a most wonderful thing,
But there is always some loss that this brings.
Some have started over way too many times;
In long-term relationships there are many crimes.

It may be time now to go on without many
Of those with whom, resolution, there can't be any.
Having been told too many times to forgive,
Without any changes in the way others live.

Forgiveness is accomplished rather easily;
Reconciling relationships remains the mystery.
Sometimes those you struggled with all your life
Will continue to, in your soul, create much strife.

It is sad in many cases, no matter how hard you both try,
You can only forgive each other and then say good-bye.
Relationships are based on equal vulnerability;
Without this, reconciliation will never be.

Somehow, we seem to have lost belief in The Great;
Scripture shows that this seals a generation’s fate.
We do not have to all call Greatness by the same name,
As long as we all, by our actions, True Greatness claim.

Greatness isn’t measured by earthly riches or power;
It is measured by our every action during every hour.
Too many turn to arrogance and hubris for respect
Because, we as a civilization, continue to virtue reject.

When will we wake up and realize that all history
Is written also to warn us of what we don’t want to be?
When we are faced with that about which we are unsure,
All but what our ancestors did seems to become a blur.

We seem not to trace very far to see what happened then,
And continue to repeat the mistakes of our past humans.
Can we stop for a moment and stop following blindly
People who dictate to us rules from which they are free?

Religious history seems to have begun with a belief in
Incredible mystery and the power in all of creation.
Somewhere along the line, some said they understood;
This hasn’t yet led humankind into doing good.

Let each search for our own visions of balance and harmony,
Rather than competing about whether “God” is he or she.
And let us look for leaders in our sisters and brothers
Who lead with respect for, and interest in, all others.

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