Friday, September 7, 2012

Sadness and The Spirit

It is a sad fact of relationships that what gives one peace gives another pain;
This sometimes means that we cannot share goals and our lives again.
It does not necessarily mean that either of us did anything wrong;
It may simply mean that our Spirits dance and sing to different songs.

Areas in which one feels comfortable, another simply cannot dwell.
Stories that one doesn't want to hear, another feels compelled to tell.
Things that one savors may seem too foreign to fit another comfortably,
And events in one's life that another person cannot bear to see.

Although our souls will always and each contain something of each other
It takes comfort with each other's boundaries to feel as sisters and brothers
As long as we are locked into a mindset that won't consider change,
We will always consider each others ways foreign, wrong, or strange.

Close observation of the way people behave in business and family
Seems to be the very best way to know their true boundaries.
When we are in groups of our own kind, we all pretend to be the same,
But operating in the world of others, we show the values that we claim.

Sometimes we celebrate that people we love are happy together,
Even though we may grieve because we're not birds of a feather.
If the way a dear friend lives is a source of spiritual distress,
The discomfort both friends feel cannot always be redressed.

We are never at  the very same place on the same spiritual path.
Sometimes it may be one's time to cry when another needs to laugh.
We cannot grab others around their necks and make them see with us,
But the power of love can give us peace, if in the process, we will trust.

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