Monday, September 24, 2012

Peaceful Progeny

Honor. What does that mean? One definition says that it is to bring respect to another's beliefs and actions. How does an assassin's child honor his or her parent? How does a drug addict's child honor his or her parent? How would Hitler's progeny pay tribute to his history?

Perhaps we must revisit the Ten Commandments and realize that they were meant for those following the same path. There are many that we want to believe can become blessed that have no ability to become anything more than talking animals.

In my experience, example is everything, and those born without souls can never develop them. There are also many who are born with innocent souls, and have no capacity for freedom of their wills. Those with no souls will never be saved, and those with no judgement must be trained by careful care giving and consistent example.

A sure way to deaden the soul is with mind-altering drugs. How many babies with dead souls have been born to these deadened people? How many wars have been fought with encouragement for the troops to deaden their souls with alcohol and other drugs? When we kill our consciousness, we kill our consciences -- at least temporarily. What we wake to can be so horrific that we can't face the shame, so we do more of the same.

We now have the technology to ascertain those with capacity to make judgments and those who are permanently damaged in this capacity. It is time that we accept that we will never stop violence until we're willing to sacrifice those without functioning souls. Lack of judgement leads to honest mistakes, but lack of a functioning soul leads only to evil.

Those who are willing to procreate should prepare their bodies and souls for conception, and those who will nurture these children must also protect and nurture the parents. This is the only way we can produce progeny better than beasts, and the only way we can hope to create peace upon our earth.

I am a parent of two children. I have never been at peace as long as my children were at war with each other. Can we believe that The Creator of All will ever be at peace as long as we war with others in creation? I don't expect my children to agree on everything, but I do want for them to have respect for each others' places on the path to peace and to protect and guide each others' children on this path. And I expect all our family members to hold each other accountable to certain stated rules of relationship.

If I have stepped outside the rules and refuse to return, it is no dishonor to me for my children to seek a path without me. And I mean no dishonor to them if I feel that they have stepped off the family path that we have all laid out, if I stay my course while they go their own ways.

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  1. It is hard to have a concept of the world from a child's standpoint. I knew I was to honor my father and mother and did.

    In life I find I do what I can, but my main responsibility to to my family and MY life. I want to live so as to leave a positive legacy and love for my fellow man.