Saturday, September 22, 2012

Eternal Energy

I know that peace on earth will not happen in my lifetime; it is likely, neither will The Rapture. I believe that we are part of the Eternal Energy that represents "God" on this earth. I also believe that until all of our energy coalesces back into Positive Power, there will be no eternal peace for anyone.

I have relatives and friends who left much destruction in their wakes, but they also left positive energy. I watch subsequent generations touched by them to ascertain their levels of eternal peace. It saddens me greatly when I see their children struggling with the same demons to whom they lost their fights. I have attempted to intervene, and have been sucked into their hells. In grief, I had to finally turn my head and heart away.

What I believe is: If we do what we can to positively direct the energy in our lifetimes, bit by bit and generation by generation, we can make a difference in eternity. When we stop thinking of salvation only in terms of ourselves we will care what happens to the generations that come after us and all of eternal creation.

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  1. This one is beyond my paygrade. LOL
    Love from North Carolina for a few weeks!!!