Saturday, September 1, 2012

Piety and Promiscuity

I have a confession to make about the Hindu sacred scripture;
I thought about naming it, but I wasn't quite sure.
The Kama Sutra isn't quite "The Song of Song's".
How does it, in the annals of sacred scripture, belong?

It's not the illustrated version, only the text,
To calm those who may, to the pictures, object.
I think I would belong in that group of "prudes"
Flaunting copulating bodies to me seems plain crude.

I have burning curiosity about what others deem sacred,
And I know that much art depicts people who are naked.
But I never have been much of an athlete or acrobat,
And there are lots of these poses I don't want to look at.

One thing I can say is that if there's a moral message here,
It does not in any way, to me, seem to be made clear.
And the mental pictures I'm getting from the prose
Seems to be a source where pornography arose.

Forget the many religious meanings of morality;
This text definitely promotes sexual promiscuity.
The men who wrote it seem to have no ability
To see the results of not taking responsibility.

To think that we have to teach young people pleasure
Misses the point of innocence by a very large measure.
When the time is right and there's a friend they can trust,
They will find ways to, each others wants and needs, adjust.

We make a mistake by putting romantic love first;
Seeking sex before friendship is a relationship's curse.
Even small children are encouraged to entice sexually;
Their lack of protection is frightening to me.

And the poor duped people who think they have learned
How "all" men or women feel, and then they are spurned.
Unless we are willing to open our souls to another,
The sex is simply animal action with each other.

It seems to me that the most important function of this unity
Is to allow our hearts, minds, and souls to be, from fear, free.
But unless we get to really know each other well,
Promiscuous sex will simply harden our protective shells.

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