Sunday, September 2, 2012

Secrets and the Sacred

I'm always suspicious of those who are very secretive about their lives;
Community knowledge of people's acts is how communities thrive.
We have become a nation that seems to me to be quite immoral
Because none of us have knowledge of each other that is useful.

Going home to closed windows and doors, nobody hears the screaming;
There are no community penalties for relationships that are demeaning.
Not even the families who are falling apart and committing acts of violence,
In our privacy above all else society, stand even half a chance.

Where is the governing body to protect and guide the vulnerable?
We even fight to keep abusers from using conception control.
What is the point of increasing evil, no matter the root cause?
The sins of the parents to the fourth generation should give us pause.

We are born with animal natures; some have had their Spirit spark killed.
The degeneration of humans into animals is not what The Spirit willed.
But parents who give birth by force or as a result of inebriation
Are not likely to produce children open to the Spirit of salvation.

Even those we call heathens who cherish their spouses and their young
Have the hallmarks of the God image of which the sacred songs are sung.
But those who procreate as an exercise in earthly power or wanton pleasure
Are not likely to add to the fulfillment of The Sacred's endeavors.

How I hate acts of killing, be it murder, war, self-defense or abortion;
Until we accept that we can't control others, this will be our portion.
We live in judgement of "others" without real knowledge or justification;
Fear and hatred, instead of understanding and consensus, kills nation after nation.

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  1. Methinks thou art too suspicious of things you do not know. Not everyone who is secretive is hiding anything, they may just be that 'with-drawn and non communicative'.
    But in some instances you may be right.
    But it isn't fair to lump them all together.
    They may be just shy!