Saturday, January 26, 2013

Caring and Sharing

I began the day feeling forlorn because all my reasons for living were gone.
The reasons to live were presented one after another, as they are to any mother.
My friend, when I asked her to accompany me to coffee, said she wasn't free
Her whole family had the flu; though she's a doctor, she was feeling unglued.

I offered my help to get her prescriptions, if she could simply make this decision.
She accepted; so I offered to provide some chicken soup upon which many rely.
This blossomed into neighbors on both sides accepting food that we can provide.
This vocation, to which I feel I've been born, is one that many continue to scorn.

Accepting help makes us feel vulnerable; when you're too weak to push, I pull.
Why do so many resent the helpers, and banish them from their family shelters?
The purpose of help isn't to keep one weak; it's building the community that we seek.
When we share with others on whom we can depend, we become trusted friends.

How did we get to the point that what's most sacred makes us ashamed of being naked?
We all need the help of other human hands; this is what fullness of humanity demands.
I am so tired of hiding our vulnerabilities, as if  our human frailties, nobody else sees.
We don't share the same gifts it is true, but if you'll share yours with me, I'll share mine with you.

I don't believe in a heaven or hell separate from that in which we now dwell.
I believe that the life we embody on earth is simply one of many a verse.
Some create dissonance, some harmony; all of it is of interest to me.
Can we really feel good without the bad? Can we really feel happy without the sad?

We will never get past our competition while we don't believe in full community fruition.
Eternal peace will never be a possibility as long as any of our loved ones are community free.
I remember, with love, every moment of joy with every loved person, be they girl or boy
I hope that each bit of love and grateful memory will serve to heal The Sacred Spirit of Eternity.

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