Sunday, January 27, 2013

Children's Church

I took my son to church on Sunday;
Nobody asked what he had to say.
They all told him to be quite and sit down,
Not to behave like a class clown.

He is a child of exuberance;
Going to church became a penance.
The joy simply wiggled out of his pores,
The childlike joy The Sacred Spirit adores.

The rest of the week, we had responsibilities;
On Sundays we could let our love run free.
He had been forced to sit and listen all week;
On Sunday's, my soul, his joy did seek

Heaven was in my children's eyes,
And for this, they were often despised.
As parents we were to act as martyrs,
Or we'd spoil our sons and daughters.

I gave up on church for my family
In order to allow my son to continue to be
When there's a church where the children preach,
I may want to hear what they have to teach.

Until then, I prefer my children's families;
In their love, The Sacred Spirit is what I see.
The Sacred Spirit creates church in one's home;
Wherever compassion is, we are never alone.

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  1. In my growing, I always found a hour of 'Children's Church', During that time children were heard, but also learned. I always thought the activities fit. It wasn't a place to just sit.... (and squirm)