Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Eternal, Infinite Patience

As long as I'm alive, I will love you, body, mind and sacred soul.
Can I not love you forever, when your being has helped make me whole?
The Energy you have shared with me has not been shared in vain;
Your Eternal Energy that is within me will forever bear your name.

It is true that our energies have a life beyond our physical dimensions;
There are those loved by you, bearing witness to your good intentions.
Although many would like to believe we achieve individual salvation,
I believe that Eternal Peace is when enlightenment includes every nation.

I know that, as a mother, I insisted that my very different children
Worked it out between them, until their points of view could blend.
I can't believe The Infinite Source of All Creation's Eternal Energy
Could expect that the universal family would strive less for unity?

I didn't know when or where my children and theirs would make peace;
I could only pray that their many turf battles would eventually cease.
If I can have such patience, with only one speck of Divine Energy,
Why do so many believe that The Eternal is Infinite Patience free?

Every day I die to ego a bit, and every day I mourn;
There are still so many treating each other with scorn.
Sometimes it is too much to bear; I want to stay in bed
Rather than face the negative energy that I've come to dread.

According to scientists, the universe is still expanding,
According to what Infinite Energy is demanding,
And at some point, all matter will come to an end.
I hope that by that time all our energies will blend.

Perhaps, then, we will all live as Divine Energy so pure,
Our combined family, for the rest of eternity, will endure.
Perhaps we are manifestations of the mind of God,
Each a steward of The Energy on our own bit of sod.

Negative energy seems to draw more energy in;
Positive energy, when used, seems to create energy again.
I would prefer to spend my life radiating Divine Light,
Though I was taught to hide it, quaking in fright.

Balancing of our energies causes universal strife.
The way that I was taught to achieve Eternal Life
Was to protect my energy against all feared wrong;
It kept me from blending with others in Sacred song.

As I have grown stronger in knowing who I am,
I believe that universal friendship is the Divine plan.
I sing my songs of gratitude for anyone to hear;
I pray for those who were taught to run from me in fear.

It is not for me to know the balance of my energies;
It is true there are many my presence doesn't please.
As a part of The Divine Energy of this, our earth
I pray that in the end, I've been more blessing than curse.

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