Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lessons in Life

Sometimes we're so busy saving our own souls, we're stomping on the souls of others.
I never wanted to go to heaven without my father, sisters, and brothers.
I had been taught about what was sin and that children and men are usually grace free.
Those who scorned confession and contrition were destined for hell, you see.

We could tell who was in the state of mortal sin by who sat at Holy Communion.
This could only mean that, if they died in their sleep, God wouldn't let them come in.
We had to choose whether to expose ourselves as the sinners we were to all in church,
As between being true to ourselves or true to our faith, our consciences would lurch.

It all came to a head for me when birth control became my greatest issue.
I said good-bye forever to my beloved church, but I do still actively miss you.
I know many who believe their decisions are between them and their savior,
But I can't peacefully belong to a religion when I don't follow their rules of behavior.

When I was confirmed, I took the oath, and tried my best to follow the rules;
I didn't begin to openly rebel until I went to a Catholic High School.
The dirty old chaplain was creepy; he reminded me of one of my molesters.
All these years later, the betrayals by my church continue to deeply fester.

The priests who were in charge of saving our souls were allowed to perform
The miraculous sacraments on our behalf, without their own reform.
How can the priests who sinned against me be in control of my salvation?
The abuse of absolute authority has always been a plague upon our nation.

The mighty are exempted from laws "for the good of the institution."
The churches and our leaders have ignored the evolving constitution.
How can we achieve true democracy while we protect "those too big to fail?"
Until I die, I will continue against leadership hypocrisy to rail.

We must stop acting as sheep, fearing the wolves with the biggest teeth.
We must assert our individual powers as far as they will reach.
If each of us stands up for truth, no matter the consequences,
Perhaps all humankind will eventually come to its collective senses.

The truth is none have the right to keep The Divine or justice from me.
Because we're born with a Divine spark, these gifts are ours for free.
"Do as I say, not as I do," is the way despots enforce their rules.
Did so many leave religion because we're tired of being played for fools?

The time has come to accept that not all leadership is Divinely given,
Although this is the ideal by which a true democracy is driven.
The model of teaching and testing by rote memorization
Is outmoded and a threat to the strength of our democratic nation.

Many are secretly subverting our laws without concern for consequences.
When our leaders start leading by example, perhaps it will mend the fences.
The republic assumes that the connected few are wiser than the crowd;
Teaching discernment and cooperation will keep our democracy proud.

But how can we teach these things when so few are taught to care
About the fates of others and that all resources are to be shared?
Corporate leaders shelter themselves from personal liability.
Capitalism must be governed by those who understand history.

We must stop being fruitful by multiplying ourselves in giving birth;
Responsible justice and compassion will increase Divinity on earth.
We have other crises in our nation caused by corporate greed;
The work projects in democracies fill a real human need.

The skills acquired by young men working to rebuild our nation
Carry on until this day, as does their sense of obligation.
Community service is alive in many areas of our country
Apprenticeships are the way to teach our youth how to be.

Not all human services should be set up to create company profits;
Mutual insurances within committed communities are a better fit.
If each citizen signed a pledge to use their talents to help other citizens
Even the poorest and most vulnerable could be working, sharing friends.

Acquisition of the most of everything is not the same as honest labor;

A few families hoard the resources with which America is favored.

Over and over again we dismiss the need for governmental referees,
Pretending that our leaders are concerned about our needs.

Let us each sign up to teach our skills to the vulnerable youth;
The difficulty in reaching them is not a good excuse.
We can create protected zones in all our nations schools,
And share the skills that we have to give them life-long tools.

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  1. I am glad you have a found a way to fight your demons of the past and present.

    T'would be nice if we could protect and pass on only the good to our youth as they grow. Problem is they have too much peer pressure and not just from the neighborhoods anymore, but from across the world. As near as FB or YT.

    BUT WE MUST try our best to do the right!