Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Every Day Real Time Resolutions

What are we to think about the fathers of our religions committing all manner of what we today consider grave sins of incest, adultery, and murder. I suppose we are to see that religion is an evolutionary process, never stagnant. I assume that we are to continue looking for the sacred scriptures that will guide us in each generation. Who is enlightened enough to choose which scriptures of today are to be codified as sacred?

Where are today's books of beliefs that guide us toward peace? Who is creating words for the covenants that must be accepted as Divine for the world to see that we are all responsible for leading our world toward a safe place for all humanity? Even those who call themselves Christians continue to kill in the name of their "God." Is this simply where we are in the evolution of human ability to embrace and follow the Divine Spirit to Peace on Earth?

Every day, let us begin again, not simply on New Year's Day. Let us consciously take steps toward understanding and equality. Let us choose to have respectful dialog, even with our enemies. If warring nations can come up with treaties for wartime agreement and cease fires for specified periods, why can we not work out an everlasting treaty for the protection of all children worldwide?

Fear begets rage. Let us offer up our fear in favor of faith in the real possibility of a peaceful future. My belief is that well cared for and protected children will grow up lacking the rage that it takes to embrace hate and the harming of other humans. Plan parenting for use of excess resources, not simply for propagation of our own, supposedly superior, genetics.Turn off the tongues that force fear into our ears and those of our children. If we believe in and embrace the goodness in each other, peace can eventually prevail.

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  1. The desire for peace and safety for the child is honorable. And twould be nice if there could be world wide agreement, however that seems to be an uphill battle to hard to fight.