Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ministry and Humanity

We say that the preachers and priests are our ministry;
The truth of this concept, I've never been able to see.
Priests perform rituals that bind us in hypnotic states;
Preachers read to us what they feel their attention rates.

Ministers hold us as we cry and rock our babies to sleep;
This is not the religion in which my soul was steeped.
Pretending to be above physical needs was to be exalted;
When they preyed upon the vulnerable, victims were faulted.

Parents are actually the ministers set upon this earth
To protect the innocent to whom they and theirs gave birth.
The communities have seduced parents into believing
That religions will take care of the children they're conceiving.

It is all a hoax to build armies for religious domination,
Pretending victory on earth is the way to eternal salvation.
When we realize that all Divine Energy is never ending,
To the throne of righteousness, nations may stop pretending.

We must all wake up to our individual responsibility
For ourselves and what we do, me to you and you to me.
The energy we share with others whether positive or negative
Is the energy that the universe beyond ourselves has to give.

We are meant to minister to each other and to the earth;
Each of us are, from the same seeds of life, given birth.
All humanity are neighbors, whether from near are far;
We cannot choose who our eternal brothers and sisters are.

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