Monday, January 21, 2013

Begetting Brokenness

It seems that all relationship transformation begins with a broken heart.
How is it that crisis bonds many and tears so many relationships apart?
We must both be willing to stand emotionally naked in front of each other,
And to share our pain like a sick child and a concerned mother.

How many of us run from any pain and turn it into fear and anger;
That we will then attack others with this, is the greatest danger.
If their are no human arms to hold us while we writhe in agony,
Many broken hearts will scar over, forever Sacred Spirit free.

Children born to broken mothers absorb their mothers pain;
They have no way to salve it, so they recycle it again.
They pass on to our society that which they cannot hold;
They eventually have no choice but to become callous and cold.

Many had nobody strong to hold them while they cried;
Their anguished innocent spirits eventually died.
Boys were told to, "Be a man;" girls to, "Grow up."
If not with parents, with whom to share their bitter cups?

We marry to complete our spirits with the mates of our souls,
But the mirror image of ourselves will not make us whole.

Those never sheltered are too empty to be mates, parents, friends
When they can't be filled, their relationships are doomed to end.

These children go on to breed another generation,
Spreading the angry fear since the dawn of human creation.
Responsible humans have the choice not to conceive,
While free to seek arms to hold them while they grieve.

Marriage is not be two dead people making life through babies;
It seems that there is no way that other spirits can save these.
Even community with much compassion has no authority,
And forcing false bonding doesn't create responsibility.

Without The Sacred Spirit, we are nothing but animals.
This seems to be the life with which our earth is full;
Festering with fear and anger because we won't stand naked
With each other and The Sacred Spirit with which we were created.

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