Thursday, January 10, 2013

Parenting and Peace

Some religious folk create, of their neighbors' lives, a  hell
By refusing to honor the good, in them, that dwells.
They shut out the voices of the humans closest to them,
As if only one is anointed as "God's" best friend.

Can we believe that some are meant to be better than others?
All of us share the gifts of earth as our sacred mother.
A loving parent doesn't favor the gifts of only one
While allowing all other children's' gifts to be shunned.

Somewhere along the way, humans have accepted lies
That allow us, our parent's other children, to despise.
This cannot be the purpose of the many manifestations
Of the faces of Infinite Divinity in Creation's many nations.

How can parents be happy as some of their children burn in hell?
I could not, even as a small child, on this possibility dwell.
When I was taught that my father and his sons couldn't be saved,
I willingly accepted eternal damnation beyond my grave.

They shared with me more than mothers and sisters ever would,
Without competing for which of us contained the most good.
I learned that to be a man was to accept hell as their lot,
And marry women who had mastered the virtues that they did not.

I have since come to consider hell what we do upon this earth;
I believe Divinity awaits for all of our Holy Spiritual rebirth.
I believe that there are many paths to come to final peace;
When we look to all our children, the light on the path is increased.

Every child should be born as innocent as birth trauma allows;
This should be the most sacred of our society's vows.
How do we know how we interrupt eternal peace
When we insist that our own genetics should always increase?

Perhaps we are meant to adopt all unwanted children;
They are, in Universal Energy, the children of all humans.
When we begin to lovingly parent all children of all nations,
I believe we will achieve, through peace on earth, salvation.

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