Sunday, January 20, 2013

Redemption Through Reproduction

Why do we wonder why our arrogance continues to lead to failure at achieving harmony on earth? "God" never changed a diaper, except with the hands of humans. Sacred Spirit hands to do the deeds necessary to every soul's salvation. We simply need to have more who understand this and are willing to commit to the family of The Universal Sacred Spirit. Responsible, committed compassion replicates itself and creates prize winning breeds out of spiritual weeds.

It is actually a wonder that more in our society don't get themselves pregnant for the aura of adulation that mothers receive for the simple action of opening their legs and wombs to another generation of their own selves. The responsible compassion of The Sacred Spirit is either part of a parent or isn't. When children are conceived for selfish reasons, including status, there is usually an eternal lack of The Sacred Spirit in the child's soul.

Even both parents with Sacred Spirit seeds may produce offspring in which recessive attributes fight for ascendancy. Parents who are prepared to give their lives to channeling the strengths and protecting against the invaders that threaten their offspring's spirits often help produce stronger Sacred Spirit stock.Why do we continue to use our efforts to save even those that are meant to go back into the Infinite Energy pool where The Sacred Spirit will live on forever without corruption.

Those who have not committed to living in The Light of The Sacred Spirit that children need to be compassionate, productive citizens should feel free to give up their progeny in whatever way suits them. As long as their progeny are still in the seed stage, parents may choose to abort them. The Energy of The Sacred Spirit that would have been a human, goes back in innocence to fuel the Sacred Spirit of the universe.

Once the seed is able to survive without being physically attached to the host parent, the community family of The Sacred Spirit must be committed to embracing and rearing each formerly unwanted child in the Light of Love (Responsible Compassion).

The rejecting parent must give up all rights to creating a triangle of failure. Any house divided against itself will fail, and children torn between the values of their self-centered parents and those of the community of The Sacred Spirit are doomed to failure as full human adults.Only when we understand this will we stop the arrogance of believing that we can, through passive measures like prayer, save the world, one soul at a time.

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