Thursday, January 31, 2013

Strangely Silent Seagulls

Strangely silent seagulls soar on the wild wind,
Stop-action as they surrender to the air's pull.
Waves crash beneath, have no current appeal;
Is this a meditative moment for a gull?

Usually so seeking, greedy, screeching;
It isn't often that, in the air, they are calm.
Does it take a wild wind to comfort some,
So they don't have to sing their own song?

Crazy clanking of the riggings, huge wind chimes,
As clouds scud densely across the sky.
The seagull song could probably compete,
But they are probably asking themselves why.

Today is a day for them to simply relax,
And the whipping wind will take them away.
For a short time, they seem content
To have no fights and nothing to say.

Those who aren't ever exposed to nature
Can't feel the earth's sacred rhythms.
They are always anxious and hurried
Over the making of their next decisions.

Humans supposedly have superior brains;
I like to believe this is actually true.
But it seems that even a bird brain
Can teach we humans a thing or two.

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