Thursday, February 21, 2013

In the Eyes of Others

What we see reflected in the eyes of others,
Especially the eyes of our fathers and mothers,
Is a great influence on that which we become.
This can be the greatest life's tragedy for some.

For weeks, I have basked in celebrations,
And was rewarded with much admiration
By those who believe I have great value,
Not based on what I think, say, or do.

We all need networks of unqualified support,
To which we can, in times of stress, resort.
For many, there is nobody to respect
Our intrinsic values that society rejects.

Many, in their relationships, seek their own reflections;
What they see should often lead to introspection.
The great danger is when what they see brings shame
For the observer's own weaknesses, the observed is to blame.

We sometimes have to die to those whose refrains
Are filled with reasons we deserve their disdain.
We may be blessed along our life's new path
With freshly-found friendships that will hold fast.

I feel that I have been brought to death many times,
Though the killing of souls is not considered a crime.
I have somehow always been blessed with new energy
For returning fully to who and what I am meant to be.

And there have been times that my grief in lost love
Has created shared Spirit that's thicker than blood.
When we seek to enjoy others, rather than control,
Our conjoined spirits may make us both more whole.

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