Sunday, February 17, 2013

Being Bonded in The Sacred Spirit

As wild animals, we are mostly motivated by fear. As beings into whom The Sacred Spirit has been breathed, we become motivated by the security of being bonded to something greater than ourselves. Some may call the desire to continue this inclusion a form of fear, but I believe it is something much more deeply spiritual than that.

Before we are born, we can feel our mother's reactions to our presence in her womb. Much of how she feels about our unborn essence is shaped by the circumstances of our conception and the treatment of her by those who surround her in her time of greatest vulnerability. As she rejoices in our inclusion in her life, our Sacred Spirits begin to grow. If her spirit resents or rejects us, either while we are in her womb or after our births, our Sacred Spirits begin to wither.

Upon our birth, if we are loved, our parents breathe their spirits into our nostrils and share their souls with ours. We are one with our protective parents. This bond becomes unbreakable when it is a true and unselfish sharing of The Sacred Spirit.

In healthy relationships, the family is strong enough in their bonds and boundaries to include others in their web of family and faith until the children are able to form their own separate families. In unhealthy relationships, the parents either seek to live through their children or send their children out on their own before their spirits are fully formed.

Without proper spiritual bonding and boundaries, we are nothing but wild animals, led by fear. This is not what humanity is meant to be. Why have we fallen for the interpretations of scripture that present The Sacred Spirit as a blood-thirsty force for fear instead of a protective parent breathing the breath of life into all creation?

My vision of The Sacred Spirit is not as King, Lord, or Master, but as The Breath of Loving Life that I feel breathed into my nostrils and poured into my soul by those who truly love me without self-serving motives. My attempts to stay included in their auras is not motivated by fear, but by a deep longing for their spiritual sharing with me.

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